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The Green Way to Dispose of Computer Cables and Accessories

Posted - 01/24/2012

It's time to clear out those old computer accessories, things like cables, monitors, keyboards, and laptop batteries. The question is, though, how do you safely dispose of these materials in a way that is safe for the environment? The obvious answer is the recycle as much of your old equipment as possible. There are groups like Freecycle where you can offer up these items via a simple email. You'd be surprised how many people are in need of this equipment to replace their own that has been broken or damaged. Cables are highly sought after for their copper content. If you are the "handy" type, you can extract the copper yourself. Schools, churches, and community organizations are other possibilities of places that might be in need of your leftovers. Many communities have E-waste days where items can be picked up or dropped off and then properly recycled in a safe manner. This is great for laptop batteries that have material inside of them that can be refurbished. The easiest thing to do could be to contact a professional computer recycling business to handle everything for you. This option could save a lot of time while still providing a green option.
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